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Premium web names normally cost thousands of dollars. Renting a Premium web name with us is fast and easy. We accept all major credit cards and paypal and you pay just a few dollars a month with no committments.

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Every day we get visitors to our premium website names from people wanting to reach businesses and mistyping the names. Every single one of them is a lost customer who misspelled a complicated website name or forgot an extra word or hyphen. Premium website names can cost thousands of dollars because They make money.

Our names are short, memorable and easy to spell. There are no hyphens, no strange spellings, no extra words to forget. These names are guaranteed to ensure your customers find your business. Don't lose customers with subpar names. Get a Premium web name today!


Web names are like real estate addresses.

You want your business address to be as close to the highest amount of traffic.

If no one is naturally walking by your business, you will get far fewer customers.

Unfortunately the prime real estate usually costs a huge amount of rent. That's where we come in, we make the prime real estate affordable.

For as little as $5/month we let you enjoy the prime real estate.

What makes a web name prime real estate on the web?

The goal of a good premium web name is to increase web traffic to your business website.

You want the most common extension, the shortest most memorable web name with the fewest possible forgettable distractions.

Premium web names are

  • Com's. More than 50% of all websites are .com's and 95% of all online businesses.
  • Short, 2 or 3 words are preferable, 4 or 5 letters if they are an acronym.
  • Brandable, it has to be memorable and easy to remember
  • Clear, are you selling in new york? Are you nationwide? What do you do?
  • Hyphen and Number free. No hard to forget words or symbols. Make it memorable.
  • Spelled correctly. Misspellings usually degrade the value (but not always)

One of our domain names for example is LavalPizza.Com

It clearly tells customers they sell Pizza in the city of Laval. Two clear unforgetable words that stand out. There's nothing to forget.

No extra words, numbers, hyphens or unfamiliar extensions to lose customers. It's a premium name because you are assured that the customer will get it right the first time, without ending up at a competitors website.

Web get questions EVERY DAY from lost customers trying to reach other websites.

If your business website is not a premium name you ARE losing customers EVERY DAY.


Other Names That May Interest You

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